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Iyanna Dior 2.0 [00:02:20]
Violence against journalists as documented by Ed Ou [00:00:59]
LIVE - Day 7 of George Floyd protests in Minneapolis–St Paul [02:29:06]
Seattle Peaceful Protestors Teargased on 5/30 [00:00:23]
#LIVE 'Jail Killer Cops' Protest at Governor Walz' Residence in StPaul Minnesota [02:13:52]
Protestors react to semi who drove directly into the crowd of peaceful protesters [00:00:09]
Twitter evidence of plainclothes officers dressed in bloc [00:02:19]
Violence against journalists as documented by Ryan Raiche [00:08:14]
Las Vegas Scuffle between protestors and poliece [00:01:03]
Insta Houston Poliece vehicle drives through crowd (2) [00:00:30]
(1/2) Officers maceing seated protestors [00:01:00]
Officers in Riot Gear [00:00:46]
Drive by pepper spray downtown [00:00:21]
Live Feed of March - Protesters Run Over By Semi Truck [03:30:01]
Insta NYC Confrontation outside the Barclays building (1) [00:01:00]
Cop waits in excitement, like it’s a game [00:00:44]
Reddit: News Chopper Pans Out As Riverside County Sheriff Smashes Parked Car Window For No Reason At Peaceful BLM Protest [00:00:30]
Twitter National Guard Arriving [00:00:33]
Protestors Setting Up [00:00:17]
Full George Floyd Available Footage [00:21:11]
Boogaloo Boi discussing poliece tactics [00:00:59]
AutoZone Window Smasher Walks Away v2 [00:01:07]
MPD Tear Gassing peaceful crowd [00:03:26]
Close up view of before, during, and after truck ran onto bridge [00:14:48]
Insta NYC 5/29 1840 [00:00:34]
A group of Somali individuals chase away valdals [00:00:53]
Insta Houston Poliece vehical drives through crowd (1) [00:00:13]
Anonymous Message to Minneapolis Police Department [00:03:52]
Semi plows into crowd of protesters [00:00:29]
AutoZone Window Smasher Walks Away v3 [00:01:40]
Woman confronts grafitti and man with hammer [00:00:38]
Line of police shoot unarmed black woman [00:01:22]
Protestors confront man jumping on roof [00:00:53]
police are the problem faceboook compilation [00:02:13]
Cops slashed tires at little earth minneapolis [00:00:39]
Insta Bakersfield car drives through crowd [00:00:13]
Arrest of Tom Avelis [00:00:46]
SPD Breaking the glass on a storefront [00:00:28]
National Guard in a residental neghiborhood [00:00:45]
Plainclothes cops destroying medical supplies in Lousville [00:00:17]
Concussion Grenade thrown at Journlist [00:00:52]
National Guard Requsitioning Citizens Car [00:02:12]
Protestors building baracades [00:00:19]
youtube George Floyd pleaded for young people to end gun violence in resurfaced video [00:00:53]
(1/2) Officers maceing seated protestors [00:01:00]
CBS Crew fired on by officers [00:00:14]
Protesters chant at Derek Chauvin's home [00:00:12]
Minneapolis Police slashing tires at K Mart [00:00:52]
Washington State Troopers disussing appropriate use of force [00:00:16]
3rd Precinct Burning, upclose [00:00:28]
3rd Precinct pre-burn [00:00:22]
AutoZone Window Smasher Walks Away [00:01:07]
Twitter difference between media and reality cop cars ramming protestors [00:00:16]
Families, Victims of Police Terror Speak Out at MN Governor's Residence [01:24:30]
Iyanna Dior [00:00:00]
Residents Detained On Their Own Porch [00:16:34]
Insta NYC - Cop throws an individual [00:00:08]
Violence against journalists as documented by Ed Ou 2 [00:01:54]
Bricks stacked in Downtown [00:00:31]
Seattle Peaceful Protestors Teargased on 5/30 - B [00:00:07]
3rd Precinct rioting pre-burn [00:00:22]
Poliece fire on gay bar serving as medic station [00:00:32]
Three white men attack an individual of color [00:00:20]
NYC Insta 5/29 1845 [00:00:45]


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