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Violence against journalists as documented by Ryan Raiche

Download Link: 6ZWsmZJYUJ0kirWG7MAT_20200603_125928.mp4
Duration: 00:08:14
Location: Minneapolis
Datetime: 5/30
Sourced through the same twitter thread as the Ed Ou videos, Ryan Raiche, a reporter for KSTP, was caught in the same confrontation with Minnesota State Troopers. 

This is a screen recording of a news segment, showing Ryan's reflections on what happened, three minutes of unedited footage, as well as wrap up commentary by Ryan and anchors at the station. Video was initially posted to Facebook. 

Ryan's comment on Twitter: "Are you the one with the bloody eye?! We were right behind you. We were really worried about you. This was our view of it." 

Ryan's comment on Facebook: "While out covering the protests tonight in Minneapolis, myself, my photographer, and producer got caught in the middle. We felt we were in a safe spot with other local and national media, but the situation changed fast. 
As you'll see in the full video, it appears the police sprayed pepper spray indiscriminately. We became tapped and were forced to scale a wall to escape." 

"Thanks for the kind words � I�m glad that our crew is safe. For those of you who don�t believe in the free press, or the important work we�re doing, that�s fine. Believe in what you want.
But we are exempt from the curfew. Our job is to witness and record history. Shine light on the darkness. And we�re not going to stop." 

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