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Residents Detained On Their Own Porch

Download Link: svtDs2SNHWs5hkU2I35Q_10000000_633128784214364_3443779194880463424_n.mp4
Duration: 00:16:34
Location: Minneapois, uptown, Hennepin
Datetime: 06-01-20 11:30pm
"Jumped out of bed to film this live. My neighbors being detained and obviously were going to be arrested before we all told them they were being filmed and that they live in this apartment building. THEY WERE SITTING ON OUR PORCH WATCHING FOR POTENTIAL DANGER. POLICE DID NOT ASK THEM TO GO INSIDE BEFORE DETAINING THEM. We have had a ton of cars with no plates or out of state plates circling our neighborhood. Our whole apartment has been watching out for each other and the many neighbors in our radius every night this week. Especially looking to prevent empty businesses from going up in flames right next to families.
We were told now that we are a target for police and that if anyone is outside at all, we will be arrested. I am sitting at the window and they continue to pass by.
The police officer that was making light of my hesitation to come down and be around them is gaslighting. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. 
*I was trying not to film my neighbors for the whole time because I did not know how they felt about being filmed during arrest*"

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