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Violence against journalists as documented by Ed Ou 2

Download Link: tU4fyQbakcCVnLxdi9r6_ed_ou_2.mp4
Duration: 00:01:54
Location: Minneapolis
Source thread:

Ed Ou, a producer and cinematographer for NBC documents an attack against himself and fellow journalists by the Minnesota State Patrol. 

Comments taken from both videos: 

This weekend, journalists in a group covering the protests in Minneapolis were hit with pepper spray, concussion grenades, batons, and tear gas by Minnesota State Patrol. We had our cameras out, press badges on and were clearly identifiable as media. I ended up with 4 stitches.

The State Patrol corralled us into a dead end. They pushed �MikeShumFilms
over a wall as he was trying to flee. With blood running down my face, I was injured and blinded, but ignored by officers as I asked for help. Photojournalist Peter Van Agtmael found me and came to my aid.

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